Reply To: Climate Change and Parenthood


Not in regards to ‘climate change’, but I started changing my attitude to risk last year when my wife was pregnant.

I am an avid mountain biker and have always pushed myself to go faster and harder. I used to do some racing as well. Last year I had 4 crashes on the trails, one was quite serious at high speed, but somehow I avoided breaking anything.

When I found out my little girl was on the way, things changed for me. I backed off my push for speed and started riding for accuracy. Weirdly, my times actually improved, but I also started enjoying riding more. I think the enjoyment got lost in trying to be competetive with people I rode with.

So yes, the biggest place I was taking risks in my life is no more. Had a few months of risk-free, no-crash riding before stopping. Getting back to the trails next month and will continue in the same way. I am not going to let others I ride with bait me to going faster, now my little girl is here I have more of a reason to stay fit and healthy.