Reply To: Changing room policy, discrimination?

Scott Biba

I agree with your assessment. Definitely gender bias here. I don’t get point 2. Why do young males 8-12 have to go to the children’s area? At least it’s nice that they give you an out with point 7.
Curious if this place has family swim where parents and children would be changing together, or if it’s just kids lessons. Guessing that since they have adult and children’s areas that I could take my kids swimming there with me swimming too. They don’t say anything about adults changing in the children’s area, which would essentially negate the point of all the other rules.
When I take my 5 year old B/G twins swimming, we all change in the same locker room. Daughter takes her shower with her swim suit on and then I take her into a toilet stall to change. All the boys, young and old, shower and change in the same area. They request that girls over 5, if not accompanied by a female adult, be taken to bathrooms to change. But they don’t make a big deal out of it.
I can pretty much guarantee that if I were in that place, I would simply break the rules if not for point 7. But even with that if it were me and my 5 year old son, we would both be showering and changing in the regular male area and not using the children’s area.