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      So me and my wife have 3 healthy daughters, 5,4, and 1. I was cool about our first being a girl a little disappointed in the second but absolutely gutted about the 3rd. I know people will think I’m being selfish but can’t help the way I feel. During my wife’s pregnancy and even during labour everyone was saying how it’s going to be a boy even buying boy stuffed animals etc but it wasn’t to be. This was over a year ago now, I really do love all my girls but feel just so gutted. My wife is willing to have another bash at it but I’m not that keen on 4 kids from a practical point of view and also the chance of having a 4th girl? Am I alone? I have done a little research and found that gender disappointment is common but mainly among women?

      Any thoughts?

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      I feel for you mate we are in an opposite situation but not to the same number. 2 boys but my wife was deviated that our 2nd wasnt a girl. Although the practicalities of having same sex kids have sort of won her over. She on the other hand has pretty much ruled out any more.
      Good luck but your girls will always make you proud

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      is there any truth in the more times you have a child of a certain sex the likelihood of the next being the same increases?

      there is an interesting thread discussing it on reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/33dg93/does_having_girls_or_having_boys_run_genetically/

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      Edward Kenny

      My wife is one of 5 girls. My father in law being a massive City fan and having played semi professional in his youth, longed for a boy and tried 6 times (the final leading to the loss of another girl in late stages). Enough was enough and they stopped. Now aged from 27, 16, 14, 12 and 10. They all to are massive football fans (though not all City supporters) and my wife even played for the womens island team. Not everyones motives for wanting a boy are sport related, but i think its totally normal for men to want a boy and women a girl. The reason i believe is that we see it as a ‘mini me’ that we can mould to be like us. However as my father in law discovered l, this is the case regardless of gender and i cannot begin to tell you how much my wife is like her father right down to their twisted sense of humour :)

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      As an update, things got loads better, the 4th is still a topic that won’t go away, but I’m not sure if I want to change the dynamic we have. Any how as the adage goes time does help ?

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