Advice dealing with a very tricky mother and her solicitor?

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      Asher Cosgrove

      Hey guys,

      I’ll keep this as brief as possible as it a LONG story. My sons mother who spent almost the first year of his life away from me and refused to speak to me got in touch funnily enough as soon as she had a letter for a third court hearing and wanted me to be in his life. I still wanted to go to court as I didn’t trust her and she came with a solicitor. The hearing placed an order where I see him once a week with his mothers father as a supervisor. The meetings happened twice (neither time with the correct supervisor who was named on the order) before she claimed he was ill and then the COVID-19 crisis occured. Since then we haven’t been able to agree on a meeting place as I have no intention of going to her family house again due to a rough and rocky history for myself there with her family and told her solicitor so but she flat out won’t let my son to my house despite the government saying this is acceptable. She has also instructed her solicitor to inform me she does not wish to speak to me directly as I have been “rude and aggressive” (not the case I have only been asking how our son is, about the meetings and about mediation). I am representing myself currently and have been unable to claim for legal aid despite being out of a job. Her solicitor is also threatening me with a non-molestation order against me for simply messaging her.

      My son is 14 months old and we have only met 5 times due to his mother’s reluctance to let me into his life. Her solicitor is only making this worse and it is frankly making me unwell with stress and depression and the court hearing is in three weeks but whether or not this were to go on I do not know and I’ve not a clue what I can do or who to turn to as it seems that I need money that I don’t have for anyone to even consider backing my corner in what is becoming a fight for my son to even know he has a father!

      Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance, Ash

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