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      This might sound nuts,but my 3 month old daughter who I love to bits & dote on has started crying every time I pick her up,she’s fine with her mum,her nan,it just seems to be me…this has started the last few days as previously she was a daddies girl,the only thing I can comprehend is I had to hold her while she recieved several injections & attempts to draw blood a couple of days ago due to a health scare,the hospital staff were pretty ruthless in their attempts & she was clearly distressed during it,she was staring at me crying the whole time & I felt terrible, every time I try to hold her since,she cries inconsolably,has anyone experienced this & how do I fix it

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      Kevin Taylor

      Happened with me, still does time to time, that they just want mum.
      My only advice is that it will come back. Try taking out just 1:1 for a treat or something this helped with me

      Hang in there

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      Thanks Kevin,good to know I’m not alone lol,we ended up in hospital last week after finding a worrying rash & with all the following attempts to draw blood,I figured at least having me there mightve made it easier on her,it did at the time,although as I said,I had to hold her steady to allow them to do their job,now I think she associates me with it,we done the 1-1 thing all weekend there,at times it was giggles & smiles but not for long,i work long hours and obviously her mums the first source of comfort,but any time I come home to pick her up now,she goes nuts & won’t settle for me..Hope this passes soon ?

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      My daughter is 2.5yr now. She had reflux and we had an awful first year 18 months not able to get a sleep pattern or routine sorted. So much so that at one stage the only way to settle/sooth her to sleep was mummy breast feeding or rocking her to sleep. I had no look in. Any attempt by me to get her to sleep was an absolute no go. As that abated we then hit the separation anxiety stage of development whenever mummy would leave the room we would have tears. Then we had the return to work. I do one day daddy daycare and we had a phase of “i want mummy… where’s mummy”

      It’s hard. Very hard because the workload is on mummy but the stress occurs between mummy and daddy. Her stress is I’m not pulling my parental weight and my stress is I cant do anything because I’m not mummy.

      However I’ve learned not to take it personally. Which was a hard pill to swallow. But we have reached a point recently where the child is rebelling a bit and when mummy says “let me brush your hair/teeth get you dressed etc” out of defiance the young un will say “Daddy do it..” it’s hard work. But the rewards come as fast as the frustrations. Just keep doing the best job you can do.

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      its upsetting writing this. My daughter is coming up to 11. She lives 3 hours away but I do my very best to see her. When I do see her it upsets me cause I feel like my ex has basically neglected a weight issue she has and now her hygiene. I brought up the issue of her weight just as it was starting to what I saw was a problem about 3 years ago. Both my ex and her parents have made me feel like the bad person overtime and they have completely ignored the issue to the point where even my daughter feels upset as the weight continues. And now she smells. She starts big school soon and I’m so scared about how other girls are going to treat her. I really don’t know what to do. Her mum won’t listen. I always try and advise my daughter but its stopping her wanting to see me.

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      Janet Locane

      Thanks a lot!

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      steve Roger

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      steve Roger

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