Advice on how to deal with my mother.

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      Is it me or does the title make me sound like a stroppy teenager? Sorry back to the point.

      For many years (decades) my younger brother has very much been the favourite, to the extent that an outside would reasonably thing my mother only has one son. So naturally my mother and I grew apart, which I have mentally been ok with. My wife has always tried to foster a better relationship, but my mother (and brother) has only ever contacted either us when they want something.

      The challenge I now have is that I am expecting my first child, so as expected my mother is now showing a renewed interest in me and my family (Since we announced the pregnancy). Last weekend, she (my mother) severely offended my wife and said that I wasn’t included in her will, with everything going to my brother. Financially, this doesn’t bother me, it is just the principle of being excluded once more)

      my mother afterwards realised that she offended my wife and is very apologetic but I am left questioning do I want her/them involved in my child’s life?

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