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      My partner and I are looking into Antenatal Classes. We basically have 2 options, the NHS or NCT sessions. Does anyone have any feedback for these or recommendations?


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      Al Ferguson
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      Jonathan Harrison

      We paid for the classes and it came to about 200 quid. I personally got very little from them and saw them as a waste of cash that could have been handy. My wife didn’t take a great deal either but did develop a network of friends all with kids a similar age but those friendships has dissipated since as the kids got older. Our oldest is now 4.

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      So just to add my 2cents in to this we’re currently in the process of both NCT and our NHS(hypnobirth).
      Whilst I’m enjoying both the detail covered on NCT has put both me and my wife at ease. The NHS classes are more focused on first and second stage of labor.

      With the NCT we’ve been offered additional classes to cover a few more topics in detail.

      Class size differs between the two there is twice the number of couples in the NHS.

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      Hi Dads!☺️
      I am a PhD student from James Cook University, Australia, and my area of research is mental health of fathers during pregnancy and childbirth. I am currently conducting a survey to understand the experiences of fathers during pregnancy and childbirth. I am also looking into mental health of fathers during these periods. I would highly appreciate if you could please fill out the survey and help me complete my study. I have also asked important questions regarding paternity leave and support available to the fathers. I am hoping that with the result of this survey, we should be able to talk to policymakers and bring into their notice these points. The survey only takes 15 minutes. The link to the survey is

      Mental Health of Fathers

      Kind regards

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