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      I’m sitting on the spare bed at my parents at first I was bored wanting to shut the world out, now I’m just lonely, I was in an abusive relationship but got out after she hit me, left my kids behind, i told my manger at work what was happening as I needed someone to talk to and had no one, unfortunately for me my now ex owns the business I work for so for the sake of the business she felt she needed to tell my ex’s business partner who I begged not to tell her but he said the business come first and he needs to talk to both of us now my ex knows I’ve spoke out and I really don’t want to go back to work, I miss my kids so much as she’s only letting me see them when it’s convenient for her then accuses me of dictating the times I see them, I don’t have any friends left, I’m so at a loss and struggling to see the point I was a stay at home parent for 6 years and only worked school hours after that to still be main parent but that’s now all been taken away from me because I happen to be male, it feels like my heart has been taken away and I don’t know what to do next, I feel scared of everything my ex has psychologically beaten everything out of me and I just want to hide in this room to keep the world out, I feel I just need someone to take me by them hand and say right this is what you need to do

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      Hi David,

      I am new here and while reading through the threads I came upon your story.

      I am ever so sorry to here about your situation. This seems like a terrible ordeal.

      It isn’t easy being so tethered to an estranged partner. Only made worse financially by the pandemic.

      But remember that you were a dedicated father for many years. Money is useful but only a vector for success. You true success was being a committed father. You owned that, so still do when you are with your children. They will remember that forever and NO ONE can ever take THAT away from you.

      I know it must be hard for you to be away from them, but perhaps in this time try and device ways to make your life better FOR THEM.

      That is your why and if you hold on to it oh so preciously it may be the one thing that helps you get out of the hole you find yourself in.

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      Hi David, Sounds bad. Are things better now?

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