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      Ryan White

      Hi guys.

      I am in the process developing a new (patent pending) baby sleep assist product and wanted to get some feedback to some questions I have.

      1) Does your baby wake in the night and is unable to re-settle without intervention?

      2) What do you need to do to get them back to sleep if they wake? How long does it take to re-settle?

      3) Do you use a specific product to settle them?

      4) Do you have to take them out in the car to settle them?

      5) Are you aware of any products currently on the market that could provide the comfort and stimulation the baby needs to settle them back to sleep. ( without the need to leave your nursery or bedroom)

      6) Would you welcome a new product that could settle your baby? A product that provided sustained sleep without prolonged parent intervention?

      I would really appreciate your honest opinions, feedback and experiences.

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