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      Hi everyone, long time lurker but only just created an account to ask for help. My sons 5th birthday party is this Saturday and the soft play place where we are going was supposed to have an appearance by Batman for his party, unfortunately the one and only person who is able to fit in that costume is not now available, my son will be gutted. I was wondering if anyone on here may be able to help if you know a Batman impersonater to just possibly record a happy birthday message for my son and to possibly just say why he can’t make it (fighting crime etc) I know big ask but just can’t bring myself to see my son upset when we tell him he won’t be there. Any help will be so appreciated.
      Kind regards

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      Al Ferguson

      Ah mate – that’s a bummer. Definitely worth asking in our Facebook group.

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      Thanks for the reply, I did try that but no joy, it’s been and gone now which was a shame but he understood.

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      Sorry mate. I’ve only just got on here. I’m Batman. I appeared with Robin at a little boys birthday a few weeks back. Sorry you didn’t find someone in time

Viewing 3 reply threads
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