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    Our four year old and 18 month old both generally go to bed at 7pm and wake up at 6.30am. Even if they go to bed later on the odd occasion the wake up time is still the same. What time does everyone’s children go to bed? Does it make a difference to the time they wake up?

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    Al Ferguson

    Not usually unless it’s a super late night and then he MIGHT sleep in a bit. He’s down at 7pm and up between 6-7 at the moment.

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    Graeme Crawford

    Not with ours, No matter what time she goes down she’ll get up at the same time as normal

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    Our two are similar to Graeme’s no matter what time they go down they wake between 6.30 and 7. We have recently been playing around with the eldest 4’s bedtime moving it a little later than the 1yo’s at 6 but he just seems to need the extra hour. Things always change with kids and hoping they get teenager syndrome soon and just want to have a lie in.
    We tried the sleep sheriff system a couple of months ago for the youngest but the his sleep patterns and nap pattern (about 10-12) didn’t work with it and he is a big daddies boy

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    My daughter 2yrs goes to bed at 7:30 falls asleep around 8pm. Then wakes up on average 1-2 times a night then wakes up and gets me up at around 5:30-6am.

    Does anyone else’s not sleep through. To me she isn’t getting enough sleep. She still naps during the day for an hour on average.

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      Sounds very similar to ours that at 2.

      She dropped the nap a little earlier and helped her get longer nights through, with odd wake.

      Now she’s come on a bit and she’s much better – think it had something to do with being dry in the night that’s really helped.

      Although, something new has reared its head and she’s waking 3-4 hours into her sleep at the moment! Always something. Not sure on cause to be fair yet

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    Dominic Hayhoe

    There are quite a few guides online about how much sleep a child needs, but every child is different. Our eldest is on the low side of hours needed like me, but our youngest could sleep for Britain!

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    We used to put my son to bed at 7pm but he was waking at 4:30 almost everyday so we pushed it back to 8pm and he’s now usually 5:30 to 6:30 wake up but I get up at 5:30 for work so it’s hard to get him back to bed when he knows I’m up. He’s two now and still has an hour nap a well.

    I’ve read recently that the chemical for sleep doesn’t get released in toddlers until 7.30 ish and anything that omits blue light weave lengths such as tablets phones or tv can inhibit the production of this chemical. So we should try to keep them away from things for 2 hrs before bed. Apparently a lot of night lights omit blue light as well which isn’t helpful

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    We have a 3yo and 4yo. Both go to bed at 7.
    The 4yo will sleep till she is woken or if she happens to wake stays in bed looking at books till we get her. She is more than happy with her own company like that. She slept through the night from 7 weeks. I know, miracle!
    Our 3yo has to be woken on pre school days at 6.30. On non pre school days she wakes us somewhere between 5.30 and 6.00. It’s not even sometimes, it’s every time!

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    Dan Marchant

    My two year old goes to bed at 7.30.

    He can wake up anywhere from 5.30 to 7 and then go back to sleep sometimes!

    If he is later to bed then he doesnt seem effect the time he wakes up!

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    Steven Osman

    Very similar to the above, we start bedtime at 7pm and he is down by 7:30. Due to work/nursery he is up/gets woken up between 6-6:30am. At the weekend similar or if we’re lucky 7pm

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