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      John Paul Madine

      Hi Folks,

      Jason suggested I should bring this topic to the forum in the first instance. This is something that may very well need or could do with its own PARENT thread.

      Financially, the last year or two have become more and more difficult financially, which unfortunately with it, brings increased stress.

      Less than 8 weeks ago I posted to the main FB group, part in desperation, but vent, part in the hope someone wold say the right thing to suggest a better direction to get out of stress.

      So.. I started looking at different options.

      Work from Home opportunities
      Passive Income
      Beer Money (another term for Passive Income)
      I am aware of matched betting, but don’t know enough about it to say anything.. I will leave that to someone else.

      I eventually happened upon some pretty useful threads on reddit, but the more I have thought about it.. it’s something that would be very apt, here or on the group.

      So.. hopefully I can list some things here that I have found and come across that have paid out, or will..or can.

        Work from Home

      I’ve had a good experience with this site and have carried out work from transcription to ux testing reporting. It does pay in dollars however, so there will always be some loss in conversion, and Upwork’s cut of the money


      This has recently changed to a subscription basis for even basic membership, however it pays in GBP and equally does pay well depending on the work.


      Lionbridge is essentially an agency working on behalf of much bigger clients. It does offer some work from home opportunities amongst others. You will need to declare your own taxes for this and will be considered a ole contractor.

      Other companies similar to Lionbridge are;
      Zen3, Appen, Leapforce, Zerochaos, iSoftstone, Clickworker, WorkMarket

      Another honourable mention here would be Amazon MTurk but they seem to have restricted their registrations.

      Beer Money

        Swagbucks (web or app) – Answer surveys, let sponsored videos run on a mobile etc. 800 swag bucks= £5. You generally get 2 Swag Bucks per video.. so if you have a phone sitting unused..

        Quidco – It may not actually count as Beer money but try and route what you can via quidco if there is an offer on. I picked up on an offer to get £30 back on a transfer using World Remit, which can be done in conjunction with the EU wallet on Revolut. You lose about a quid in currency conversion. There are similar and better cashbacks from some of the bingo sites like Gala, without really having to spend much on it. I cannot stress how useful it is to check Quidco for offers before buying anything on an app or online.. or even utilities.

        Your own Bank
        – I was in a cycle of charges with Santander. I spoke to them and went through my circumstances. They moved me to the 123 lite account and different banks will have their own versions of this.. however, it has stopped the cycle and only costs £1 a month. The account has the benefit of giving you cashback on utilities, council tax etc if you pay by direct debit.

        ProlificProlific – Is actually pretty reliable

        YouGov – Pays in points, usally around 50 points a survey, cashout £50 at 5000. You can alternatively trade your points for the competition.

        Quickthoughts App – Give it a go, pays 50p a survey.. but incredibly frustrating with a high rejection rate.

        So.. Coinbase are running some offers at the moment.. and it’s worth jumping on them before they run out of tokens. However it’s a free way to get into crypto and for every person you refer, you can get more. I’ve made £50 on this alone without spending my own money. I’ve included a guide below but will remove it if it ends up being against the rules.

        Instructions for the Crypto..

        Free Cryptocurrency – Dipping the feet in, and there is conversion for GBP but takes a little work to figure it out. But for anyone interested. ..

        Cryptos are being given away by Coinbase, there is a new freebie (which I haven’t seen posted much elsewhere) for the EOS currency.

        All you need to do is watch the 5 videos in the following link and answer the questions. Videos can be skipped after a few seconds.

        I haven’t seen anyone else post these so answers are

        Blockchain protocol for fast scalable transactions, 2.Delegated proof of stake, 3.Fast free transfers, 4.Stake EOS tokens, 5.Upgradable smart contracts

        If you haven’t seen the other freebies, you can earn up to $60 USD of cryptocurrencies by doing the following:

        $50 USD of XLM

        With $10 for the following 5 answers: 1.Decentralised protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure, 2. Facilitate low cost payments, 3. Transactions are fast inexpensive and global Issue exchange, and 4. transfer tokens quickly and efficiently ,5. Relies on cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm

        The other $40 for referring up to 4 others ($10 per person).

        Now go to watch the BAT videos here and answer 3 simple question again, answers are:

        There are too many ads and data trackers

        It is free, open source web browser built for privacy

        Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

        This earns $3 worth of BAT. After this you can download and install the Brave Browser which earns a further $7 worth of BAT. You NEED to watch the videos before installing the Browser (it didn’t let me install it beforehand).

        The coinbase earn is good for breaking down what some of the cryptos are full stop.

        Blockchain — Just sign up, verify your ID. It took me ~1 day to verify my ID (provisional, may take longer if you’re in the states.) but I’ve seen others were verified immediately. You may get around £18 worth free of XLM, which is a nice for signing up.

        TO REDEEM IN GBP from Coinbase

        Sign in at with your Coinbase account details.

        Go to ‘My Wallets’ (top right corner near your user box)

        Click on the ‘Deposit’ banner in the big Deposit & Withdrawal box on the left side.

        Pick XLM/BAT, whichever you want to deposit.

        Click on ‘Coinbase Account’ (option on the right side of the white box)

        Click on ‘Max’ and Deposit it.

        Now go to ‘Trade’ (One of the top menus)

        7a) Pick BTC if you want to trade your XLM for GBP, (FIRST you have to exchange your XLM to BTC, then your BTC to GBP. ) After picking BTC, click on XLM-BTC, then ‘Sell’ and ‘Max’. After that, click GBP, then BTC-GBP, click ‘Buy’ and ‘Max’. These exchanges are instantaneous.

        7b) To withdraw your BAT, you need to pick ETH, and exchange your BAT for ETH, then change the ETH for GBP. Be aware that the BAT-ETH and ETH-GBP exchanges took around a day for me altogether, don’t be worried if the money doesn’t appear immediately exchanged.

        If the market is frozen for BAT-ETH or XLM to BTC you will need to set the price manually to the last sale price.

        8. Go to ‘My Wallets’ again, click Withdraw, to Coinbase account and click max.

        Now go back to Your GBP should’ve arrived, and now you are able to click ‘Withdraw’. I withdrew via Paypal, as Bank account transfers cost you £1. These options will come up when you click ‘Withdraw’ from your GBP wallet in Coinbase.

        REDEEM from Blockhain : to redeem your XLM from Blockchain: I sent the XLM to my Coinbase account (you MUST copy the address of your XLM wallet correctly when sending the money to your Coinbase wallet!!) and the steps to convert this XLM to GBP is the same as above!

        So.. I know these are popping up everywhere, and I have done it, it does work.

        However, the smart thing to do would be to join the r/cryptocurrency on reddit as a resource and understand what you have in your hands. If you utilise it right you may be able to increase it again. Don’t be quick to get a profit out of it, in some cases it may be worth trading through for as much of say.. litecoin as you can until August.

        So, yes these referrals do work.

        I have 2/4 invites left.

        I’d recommend doing this, it’s not a scam, it’s worth it, but also probably worth sitting on it for a while rather than quickly withdrawing.

        You need to confirm ID with Coinbase and blockchain but it’s worth it. Worth also knowing that Coinbase has a GDPR policy.

        If you get into any issues trading EOS and XLM or BAT, let me know. I did, but figured it out in the end, so I’m happy to help anyone.

        Initiative Q – No money, but early development and invite only

        PI Crypto Mining from your phone – Still early days vut you can earn Pi Crypto coins.. but again.. if you have a mobile lying around.

        Passive Income

        So.. I don’t know that I can add much here, however some regular suggestions that are low risk and require small investment in the beginning;

        Blogging – Finding a niche/evergreen nice with a few to increasing your traffic, getting into affiliate marketing and utilising ad revenue. I really suggest looking up Income School on Youtube. They’re pretty honest, will present the info and figures and do not put you through the too good to be true malarky of many ‘Gurus’. They are literally there to give the best advice. They do have some products of their own.. but they don’t push them down your throat.

        E-books – Non-Fiction (or fiction) book of 30-60 pages on a nice topic. There is a company that will distribute an ebook across all of the vendors for you for a small cut of your profits.

        Digital Products – So, this could be anything from apps (there are app builders that don’t require coding), to info products like ebooks, or a video, or a short course.. literally anything that serves to help the end user out, or simple graphics.. anything.

        End Note
        It’s late in the day, and this is nowhere near as fleshed out as it could be, but if Money and Finance gets its own topic thread.. it’s certainly something that individuals could spend a great deal more time providing better information in it’s respective categories.

        Hope it helps


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      Emily Williamson

      Here’s a list of quite a few passive income ideas, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find at least three or five that will work in your situation.

      1- Try out index funds.
      2- Make YouTube videos.
      3- Try affiliate marketing and make sales.
      4- Put your photography to work on the web.
      5- Purchase high dividend stocks
      6- Write an ebook.
      7- Get cash-back rewards on credit cards.
      8- Invest in real estate.
      9- Buy a blog.
      10- Write a book and collect royalties.
      11- Invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs).
      12- Become a business, silent partner.
      13- Become a referral source.
      14- Rent out unused space with Airbnb.
      15- Build a mobile app for your passive income.
      16- Create an online course.
      17- Make an online guide.
      18- Outsource most if not all of your business needs.
      19- Make money for tasks you’d do anyway.

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      Arya Moore

      Here are the following strategies which you use for passive income.

      #1: Dividend-paying stocks and other investments
      #2: Affiliate Marketing
      #3: Display Ads
      #4: CPC Ads (Cost Per Click)
      #5: Sell leads
      #6: Course Sales
      #7: Create a Digital Product
      #8: YouTube Ads
      #9: My Financial Planning Practice
      #10: Selling a Business

      Arya Moore
      Creating Better Days

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      it is great!

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