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      Anyone recommend a decent baby monitor that doesn’t cost hundreds of £££? Thanks

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      Think this might be in the wrong section, if it can be moved to “Gear, recommendations, equipment and baby stuff”

      BT have a range of decent ones as do Motorola. I’ve already got NEST cameras and Google Nest/Home screens in some rooms used to keep an eye on the dog so i’ll be re purposing those. Once their older I can repurpose it as a security cam. Picked the Nest cam off eBay almost 2 years ago for £70. Storage means I can go over the last 5 days footage in the event of something happening I need to check. The Google Nest screens can be set to show a permanent feed for use like a baby monitor.

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      If you are a new parent, any time you leave your kid unattended to sleep, you would find yourself struggling with some kind of anxiety.

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