Best dad moment?


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      For me, my best dad.moment was the moment he was born, as cliche as it sounds it’s true.

      Moments after he was born. He was moved onto the table to have his mouth suctioned of mucus. I remember standing over him, just watching him, him and I seemed frozen in time while everything moved a million miles an hour around me.

      That moment was my first and favourite dad moment.

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      Al Ferguson

      One of the best moments for me was when we drove 10 hours to go on holiday. We arrived, got out the car and the boy was so excited to see his ‘new home.’ He flung his arms round me and said, “daddy, thank you for driving me here.”

      Heart melted!

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      One of the best is when she gave me a huge hug because she missed me as I had been working long hours. ?

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