Best sun cream for young children

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      The Dadsnet

      Can someone please tell what the best sun cream is for a child aged 6?

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      We have always found the Aldi stuff to be very good.

      Its also well rated for UV protection which is very important

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      Ironically, most supermarket own brand sun cream is the highest rated – and also the cheapest…

      Agree with Huw on Aldi, but you can get some good ones from Sainsburys, ASDA and probably the rest of them too. I know for sure that ASDA’s own brand and Sainsburys is 5-star rated for UVA – ideally you’re looking for 5-star UVA and factor 50+ to provide the highest level of UVB protection. With both combined, that offers the maximum amount of protection from both harmful elements.

      The indicator is on the back of the bottles – and goes to a maximum of 5 stars – interestingly, some of the main and more expensive brands – Nivea, Ambre Solaire etc. are only 3-4 star rated.

      You can also get sensitive or moisturising versions depending on preference.

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      Hugo Bell

      Anything that has the full 5 stars out of five on them. I found the roll on ones from Superdrug to be excellent. And really affordable, and the kids Enjoy putting it on themselves as it’s kinda fun to paint yourself green

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        Al Ferguson

        Sun cream is so expensive though! Did you know that they all have use by dates? Afterwhich, they lose affective ness. So last years cream won’t be very useful!

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      Babyganics works pretty well for our kids. They both have pretty sensitive skin that gets irritated very easily.

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