Bi-lingual language learning

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      Steve wall

      Raising a child in a Bi-lingual home is challenging. Share some tips on how you deal with it

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      Steve wall

      Often i find that our 3ur old is looked at as being a slow learner because his speach isnt where others his age is.

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      We’re welsh first language at home but starting to introduce English as she’s picked bits up at nursery. Much to our amusement with some of the mixed phrases we get! Amazing.

      It’s a pain having to be a translator for your child in the playground or park though when other kids haven’t a clue what she’s saying or vice versa.

      Don’t think it’s held her back at all. If anything just another string to her bow

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      My wife is Greek and speaks to our son 1-1 99% of the time in Greek. I only speak to him in English. He is 2 in June and can say words in both languages. I’m slowly learning the words he is saying as well.

      I think the key is consistency.

      I have a mate where they all speak both English and German and their 5 year old will mash the both together without realising.

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