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      dave goff

      so my eldest daughter is 6 in two months and my youngest is 4 in august, they are having a joint birthday party this year but i have no idea on what to get them something really meaningful but something fun for them aswell i just haven’t the faintest idea what so ever lol i feel bad as a father for not knowing but they like so much and are very intelligent and clever.

      any ideas would be great just nothing too expensive. dad’s had an injury so currently not in work.

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      Buy all the things that are needed for a kid’s birthday party or hire party rentals if you are going to manage party by own.

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      Dima Zimna

      Everything is simple with children, they themselves show and say what they want, and then wonder how you guessed. You can approach and say “can you guess what I’m going to give you for your birthday”, the child will start listing, and you will have to choose. Everything is much easier than it seems :)

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      Kevin Morrow

      Dima Zimna put the nail on the head. Its easy to pick gifts for children

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