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      Deano Austin

      For us there was never any question of what it was going to be!,
      My wife was adamant that she was going to try to breast feed our first born!, and she did for 18 months!!

      When our boy was born she received no help or advice towards breastfeeding from the hospital as they ‘assumed’ she wanted to bottle feed!

      This is what pushed my wife into becoming a breastfeeding support worker for new mums on there journey!, so they wouldn’t have to experience what she did!, we then we had our little girl and of course for us again it was breast and still going 8 months later!.

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      Declan Harvey

      My partner always wanted to do it for our twins, but was very ill after birth, so for that reason she couldn’t. To this day she hates herself for it. (Even though it was out of her control)

      Both ours have always been bottle fed, and have turned out more than fine, and both done extremely well to get where they are now considering how small they were born.

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      My wife has breast fed our first born for just a few months but eventually went on to the bottle as she was having a very difficult time.
      when our second son was born we decided to stick with the bottle and everything turned out great

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      I think most people start without the bottle, but it’s not always easy to breastfeed for as long as ‘they say’ you should.

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      My spouse has breast fed our first born for only a few months but eventually went directly to the bottle as she was having a totally tough time.
      while our 2nd son was born we determined to stay with the bottle and the whole thing turned out top notch orlando escorts

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      I understand their pain and no mother should feel like that. Formula feeding is a choice that makes a lot more sense when it comes to giving yourself some rest or the mother who is working. It is essential and it gives the baby complete nutrition. Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, they both are fine. I started with breastfeeding and then switched to formula feeding. I chose enfamil A2 and it worked out totally fine for the baby.

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