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      Al Ferguson

      So many dads have been asking for somewhere to share their own businesses with other dads. This is a thread for just that. So if you run your own business, whatever it may be, graphic design, plumbing, web dev, personal training or whatever, share the details below.

      Feel free to add links to your websites.

      Any pyramid or ‘get rich quick’ schemes will be removed.

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      Mikael Smith

      Thanks for the opportunity for this..
      I am part of a very local small coffee roasting company in Whitley Bay in the north east of england..
      Pop by the facebook page or even better if you are passing by come say hi..

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      David Hendy

      I have a side-project of being a freelance web developer – – so if you need any web advice or have any projects, hit me up!

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      Jack Pardoe

      Project Fit Dads

      I am a fully qualified PT with an online coaching business specifically for Dads.

      I create bespoke programme and nutrition plans for clients as well as checking in on a weekly basis and analyse technique as well as much more.

      It gives clients the flexibility they need to achieve their goals and since I’m a dad and I know what it’s like, I can empathise with any issues you have. for more info

      I’m running a 14 day free trial at

      Thank you

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      Simon Tiplady

      Where to start…

      Ok, a project that’s been on hold for a while during some building work but my wife and I make bookslings.


      They’re listed on Etsy, Amazon, and our own website.

      You can find us on Facebook

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      painter & decorator!
      based in Tonbridge Kent
      Family run specialise in residential, any room any size and will help choose colours and schemes.

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      Del Sharman


      I offer freelance estimating and QS work carried out in the evenings and on weekends this includes

      -full take off with marked up drawings
      -build up of labour, material and profit
      -itemised Bill of Quants (BoQ)

      The cost is discussed and agreed depending on the level of service required prior to starting so all transparent.

      For any enquiries please email


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      Thanks to the Dadsnet for this opportunity. My company is Houston, Texas based American Dream Automation. We provide smart home, home theater and home security services and products. This is a side gig that I started back in January of 2018.

      American Dream Automation

      American Dream Automation Facebook Page

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      If anyone is interested in helping their kids code, we have a robotics company that develops Robots that children are able to code themselves.

      One kit can provided over 20 different types of robots that can be built and coded using the main coding languages taught in schools (inc. Python, Scratch and Javascript), providing children with opportunities to create and play while also learning a valuable skill.

      More info can be found here:

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      Hi All,
      I’ve been out of work for a year now and just taken on the franchise for Coventry and Warwickshire for a small business called “SleepUnder Parties”
      We come to you, set up child-sized tents complete with airbeds, sheets, blankets, cushions, fairy lights, LED candle lanterns, bunting, an LED Campfire and a Midnight Feast bag per child with sweets, biscuits, marshmallows and Hot Chocolate – everything you’d need for a Slumber Party (and to get you serious Dad-points from your little ‘uns)

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      James Beeby

      Beeby Construction Services

      Building contractor based in Leicestershire and serving the Midlands

      We work on all sorts of commercial and residential building projects across the Midlands, from home improvements and repairs to commercial interior fit out. Here are some of the building services we provide.
      Garage conversion
      Kitchen installation
      Bathroom installation
      Residential building repair
      Commercial building repair
      Shopfitting and Commercial projects
      Carpentry and Joinery
      Beeby Construction Services

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      I hope no one minds me posting this, it’s can be really difficult to recruit male participants, so I thought fellow parents might be a little more helpful. Participation will be greatly appreciated! The survey is about attitudes towards online behaviours, relationships, men and women, and defining sexual harassment.

      *Volunteers needed for psychology research on*
      Individual differences in how online behaviours are interpreted.

      Researchers at Swansea University are conducting research on individual differences in how digital and online behaviours/communications are interpreted.

      Clicking on the link will present you with an online survey to complete.
      Participants: Aged 18+ only
      Time required: approx. 30 minutes
      Place: on your PC or mobile device

      Department of Psychology, Swansea University, Singleton
      If you would like to take part, please click the following link

      Or, for further information, please contact Shonagh White on
      Please share!
      Thank you

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      Gareth Key

      I’ve recently setup my own company that offers custom clothing and promotional items.
      There isn’t much we can’t source and all reasonably priced! Pop over to our instagram
      @penwisg to see some of our stuff


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      Hi all,

      We are thinking to adventure into the world of coffee shops and we are asking for your help by completing the survey below or just dropping a comment.

      We see many families in coffee shops and we always wonder what are they missing, what do they like and what would they change.

      Many thanks.

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      I’m in the marketing business for the online site HELENSBURGH-ONLINE. Helensburgh is a beautiful town, found in the Argyll and Bute region of Scotland. The site gives all the information related to Helensburgh, helping out tourists with accommodation, restaurants, local events etc.

      If you visit Scotland, make sure to visit the beautiful town Helensburgh, which is just 45mins from Glasgow. The place is close to the marvellous Loch Lomond of Scotland. Glen Coe and Ben navies are also close by. A great place to stay and explore a part of Scotland.

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      Attitudes, Beliefs, and Online Behaviour Interpretation

      *Online survey participants needed for forensic research*

      Researchers at Swansea University, in collaboration with the Welsh Government, are conducting research on factors that contribute to differences in individuals’ interpretations of, attitudes towards, and outcome beliefs surrounding various digital and online interactions. This is the second stage of larger-scale research seeking to develop a novel proactive educational intervention that can be integrated into current policies to prevent sexual harassment.

      Some questions are of a sensitive nature and it may not be immediately clear why we are asking them. However, it is important for our research that you answer them fully and honestly. We will then tell you a bit more about why we asked you them at the end of the questionnaire.

      All participants will remain anonymous. Ethical approval has been given.

      Clicking on the link will present you first with an information sheet, followed by a request for consent. Only once consent is submitted will the survey commence.

      Participants: Aged 18+ only

      Time required: approx. 30 minutes

      Place: on your PC or mobile device

      If you would like to take part, please follow the link

      Survey Link

      Or, for further information, please contact

      Thank you

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      Jonny Simpkin

      That in the world the business is not very upset and the construction works are very best business that time.

      Advance Build

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      Hi all, I have just discovered Dad’s net and thank you for this thread. I have just started a blog on life with 4 kids and a dog, our lifestyle and after a long day out, be it sightseeing or just surfing my favorite relax, a glass of good beer and a glass of fine wine. my website
      anyone out there who is also a blogger I would love to network with as I am new to this and any advice or links would be appreciated. (and if someone could recommend a great spelling & grammar plugin as I’m extremely dyslexic) cheers mail me at or again

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      Jane King

      Loft Conversion Leicester are a leading loft conversion specialist company that operate in and around Leicester and Leicestershire. We offer professionalism, over 20 years of experience in this industry and excellent craftsmanship with all of our work. Over 95% of our clients are domestic but we do complete commercial conversions as needed. From design through to finish, we would be very happy for you to choose us to be the company that transforms your loft space into something special.

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