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      My son is pretty good in the car but our normal journey time is about 30 mins. But we’ve got a couple of airport runs coming up and a trip to the midlands stretching the trips to a couple of hours. In the past my wife has always sat in the back with him and we’ve tried to time longer journeys around nap time. But now he doesn’t always want to nap and we now have a second child as well so no room for wife in the back. I’ve see. A few adverts on Facebook for car activity trays which go on top of the car seats but my wife is concerned about how safe they would be in accident. He’s still rear facing so in any collision it’s likely the tray and it’s contents would be pushed into him and scattered about his person. I’ve tried a google search but can’t find anything on how safe these products are. Anyone able to help

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      We have an activity bag that comes with us but have never tried the trays. The bag has various fidget type toys a couple of small books and other bits.

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