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    Scott Thatcher

    Recently I’ve been interested in buying an old classic car, VW Corrado VR6 to restore. Has anyone else done restoration?

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    Not done a restoration as such, however I applaud your choice of car!

    I’ve had a couple of classic minis in my time and it’s taken a lot to keep them going. If I ever get the money / time / garage space I will buy buying another one to restore, or maybe even try a guided engine transplant.

    Good luck with this, and I’d be very interested to see where you take it!

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    Allan Massey

    Nice car!
    I had one once, restored over a few years.

    I’ve built a few cars in my time.
    As long as you have space and patience, it’s very rewarding

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    Al Ferguson

    My old man keeps a vintage beetle in good condition – he didn’t exactly do a restoration but keeps it up nicely.

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    WE have been thinking about buying a new family car, any ideas?
    we are currently driving a 2010 chevy cruze but its just not specious enough for a family of 4

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    I’m trying to convince my wife to let me buy an old US car as a daily driver that would need slight restoration.

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