‘Cheating” wife? Advice wanted


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      Hi all, hope some of you can give me some advice or if you’ve been in a similar situation how did you deal with it?

      I’ve been with my wife around 8-9 years, married for 5. When we got together she was just leaving a relationship with another man (he was married) well call him “A1”. He was the main reason for the majority of our arguments as I was scared something would happen with them but she obviously assured me it wouldn’t. Years past but in February of this year a message came through on her phone from him advising he was running late for there drink that evening. She had lied to me and told me that she was meeting a friend from work.

      That completely and utterly broke me. I was in bits but I decided we had to give it another go for the lifestyle we have, for our kids, for our family etc.

      At the time of this I knew she was also messaging another man, “A2”, but she assures me they were just friends. I stupidly believed her although at the time I think they were just friends.

      I went through her phone yesterday and found an emails to him advising that she couldn’t continue to be his friend as her feelings for him were to strong and that she didn’t want to continue with the sexual messages between each other.

      As I’m writing this i feel like an absolute mug! When I write it down I know I should leave her but I do love her and think that if this stops out life would be great.

      Can I forgot and forgive? Had anyone been through anything similar?

      Thanks for your help, I’m sure you’re all top dad’s!!

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