Climate Change and Parenthood

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      Do you think you have changed your attitude to risk since you have become a parent?
      Can you think of anything you do differently now in relation to weather extremes (heatwaves, cold spells or floods) that you only do because you have young children?

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      Not in regards to ‘climate change’, but I started changing my attitude to risk last year when my wife was pregnant.

      I am an avid mountain biker and have always pushed myself to go faster and harder. I used to do some racing as well. Last year I had 4 crashes on the trails, one was quite serious at high speed, but somehow I avoided breaking anything.

      When I found out my little girl was on the way, things changed for me. I backed off my push for speed and started riding for accuracy. Weirdly, my times actually improved, but I also started enjoying riding more. I think the enjoyment got lost in trying to be competetive with people I rode with.

      So yes, the biggest place I was taking risks in my life is no more. Had a few months of risk-free, no-crash riding before stopping. Getting back to the trails next month and will continue in the same way. I am not going to let others I ride with bait me to going faster, now my little girl is here I have more of a reason to stay fit and healthy.

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      Dan Marchant

      I haven’t changed towards climate change, but I have changed my lifestyle since having kids.

      Stopped drinking and go to the gym regularly,I drive alot more sensibly than I used as I’ve got people at home who need me!

      Personally i dont feel much has changed due to climate change, not as much as they make it out to. It’s just reported more than it used to me!

      What would you change if you could?

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      It heavily impacts all my days irrespective whether it summer or winter. Because, heat, drought, flooding, rain, snow, even summer affects due to its sudden change and rise to either extreme!

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      Anna Wats

      It is rather hard to answer this question completely. If I understood you correctly, it’s quite reasonable that the person changes his/her attitude

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