Co Sleeping – The Big Bedshare Experience

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      So hoping to throw this open and get some opinions, since it’s something of a hot topic here in the house at the moment.

      When we first had our newborn there was loads of advice from midwife and health visitor to avoid cosleeping like the plague! Lots of scare stories to ward anyone tempted by the thought to sleep standing up sellotaped to the wall from fear of smothering your precious baby.

      The truth is, sure we had the bedside cot, we then had a proper cot, and the little one always went down there to start the nights sleep. PERFECT! Plenty of room for me and the other half to relax, sprawl and sleep.

      Of course that’s not how it panned out. Our daughter was breastfed so Mid night feeds and long feeds meant that mum had to do these often for an hour in the middle of the night. So these happened in bed followed by a half snoozing mum and baby just conking out in bed afterwards. Much to my paranoia waking up to a 8 month old snoozing beside me! Argh where did you come from?! Haha.

      Anyways, it turns out this was a great way for us all to maximise sleep, baby to have extra bond and comfort – albeit at the expense of spread space for me.

      So it continued off and on Until she got her own room, and stopped breastfeeding we moved her in there and she was happy enough.

      No permanent damage done,
      Nice bond developed with mum.

      All until she recently got ill and has now taken up post in our bed again over the last few weeks! Hoorah!

      So would I change it next time? No.
      Do I wish we could claim back our bed space now she’s 3, certainly. It’s just a phase and asking as we’re not still sharing a bed as she gets older I can live with that.

      Let me know what you guys think I’ve spoken to a few who have strict child / bedroom rules and others still co sleeping with their kids of 5 years +

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      We also has a bedside cot but due to bottle feeding and a baby that almost instantly slept for 6 hours at a time he stayed in there until 7months then moved to a full cot and now a bottom bunk with bed guard. The first was a different story my oh was a single mum and he shared the bed until about a year when he got his own cot/bed in a new house but again no issues and he is a top bunk lad at 4.

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      KD Richards

      My partner is breast feeding, it’s happened a few times where she has fell asleep with my daughter on her for about half hour. But 4 week ago my daughter hit the 4 month regression and she wakes up every hour now and last night my partner had a rough night I was up and out the house for 5 for work and she put my daughter in my place and for the first time in 4 week she slept for 4 hours straight. I personally don’t think there’s much of a problem so long as precautions are taken ie pillow at both sides so can’t roll out of bed and doesn’t roll into my partner also sleep facing baby it’s harder to roll forward in your sleep than back. But we will see how it goes, if she sleeps every time I go to work in my space and has a good 4 hours that’s got to be better for them both surely

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      Hudson Bower

      No, I haven’t any experience about bed share sleeping.

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      Maria Marcel

      I have good experience with bassinets , you can also use bassinets co sleeping because some bassinets come with option of bed attachment

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