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    Matt Higgs

    My ex moved away over a year ago. Upto recently things were fine, met at services for handover and drop off, all good. Now she has had a change of heart, refusing to travel to services, she says it’s my responsibility to collect and drop off, and that by law, she does not have to do anything, this now means a 3 hour round trip to collect my daughter, and again to drop her off. I think she is being unreasonable. Cant find any advice on this anywhere!!

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    Nancy Simpson

    😂 could have been written by us, except there is a court order and she still refuses and has moved her away. Some people aren’t interested in what’s best for their kids, only themselves. Very sad.

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    Leon Yates

    Can understand your frustration, but if nothing agreed in writing not alot you can do, I myself for last 2 and half years do 550 mile round trips to get mine or just to pop down for weekend to see them. 3 hour round trip isn’t end of world bud, just factor it into your plans and move on from it, not worth the battle bud

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    Laura Karunaratne

    If you go through court they find somewhere half way for drop off and pick up. My ex is 25 mins away but court still ordered that we meet half way. If your ex doesn’t follow the court order she will be taken back to court and held in contempt.

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    Matt Higgs

    Thank you all. Sound advice.

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