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      michael scarbro

      i have recently separated with my ex last November. She has just had my newborn baby and is saying I am allowed access once a week with her mum there but she will not be putting me on the birth certificate. She is saying shes in contact with agencies, so i think she is making up lies and saying about domestic abuse.. which on my part there was none at all. she was always controlling and its the reason I did leave, as the pregnancy made her 10x worse slamming a door onto my arm smacking a glass out of my hand, but she is trying to play the victim when i ended the relationship. she has been saying the reason I left was because i couldn’t handle being a father and that i was the controlling on, and everybody hangs on to her every word. I do have a lot of emails and texts from her being vicious, nasty and vindictive. She even set the screensaver on my laptop with definitions of a shit dad and a deadbeat.

      Now I work hard i pay my way I was always making sure she had everything during pregnancy that she needed. But her behaviour was to much. once Lilly my daughter arrived, she was being nice video calling me from the hospital saying say hey to daddy and sending nice texts, and i thought there was a glimmer of hope that things would work out. As soon as she leaves hospital she changes again. she allowed me to go on the Monday she said her mum wouldn’t be there so i could bond with my daughter but she was there and refused to go anywhere so I stayed obviously.

      after I had left she never responded to me until I asked the ex yesterday when I can see lily next and when will we be registering the birth in which her response was you can see lily once a week but you are not being on the birth certificate, but I still expect maintenance..

      Now this is my 1st child and i love that little girl to bits and would do anything for her, but i refuse to get back into a toxic relationship where my daughter would witness it. so I would prefer to be a single dad. i suppose what im asking is for advice and if anyone has a similar story..

      sorry for such a long message and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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