CSA – Does anyone understand the logic ?


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      Hello, first time poster, apologies if this has been discussed before.

      Im divorced, and pay 180 per month for my 16 yo daughter, she stays with me 3 nights per week, and generally one night at a friends, 3 nights st her mums – this being (in her eyes) fair.

      If my daughter moved in with me, but still stayed at her mums 3 nights, her mum would have to pay me c260 per month ( all per csa calculator), given her mum is paid more.

      How does this make sense in that in effect, nothing will have changed. Im of the opinion that neither party should pay the other, apart from maybe split one off stuff like bus pass for college etc.

      Mathematically, this means that the csa beieve ic cost between 360 – 520 per month for a 16 yo ! Really ? Just cant see its that expensive myself.

      To me, the incremental cost of my daughter would be food, personal care stuff and clothes

      Am i missing the point ?

      Id be grateful for any comments, although im not looking to turn this into a rant against the csa, it is what it is, id just like to understand it

      Cheers and Happy New Year

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      I don’t think that logic and the CSA belong in the same sentence.
      I speak only as someone that has listened to tails of woe from friends.
      I would ask why you need to tell them anything as I can’t see what would change as she would be spending the same time at the different houses.
      I suppose you would have to continue to pay £180 but if her Mum pays you £360 you’d be quits?
      I’ve perhaps misunderstood.

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