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    Scott Biba

    Let’s share our ingenious dad hacks

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    Scott Biba

    Before installing car seats, lay down puppy training pads to collect any spills or other debris and save your car seats. This is especially nice when using a rental car.
    They are also nice to have with when travelling for clean up emergencies as they are super absorbent and can be safely and cleanly handled from the plastic side.
    Use them under a sleeping toddler that might wet the bed.

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    Scott Biba

    Installing car seats quickly, for car seats that use the seat belts to hold in place – I have a video, but don’t see a way to upload. So I will do my best to describe it.
    Tools needed: a long stick, flat if possible, and a spring clamp.
    First, pull the seat belt out and clip the spring clamp on it to hold it out.
    go about half way down the length of the loose seat belt and fold it over onto the end of the stick Pull the strap tight over the end so it stays in place and push the belt through the cross opening in the car seat, until it comes out the other side. Pull the stick out and snap the seat belt buckle in place. Remove the spring clamp to allow the seat belt to retract.
    Clip the spring clamp onto the stick and leave it on the floor so you have it handy.

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