Dad was kicked out of the labour room for making a joke

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      Paul Davies

      I saw this on Reddit and wondered what people thought of it? …

      My (25m) wife (22f) gave birth to our first child 3 days ago and in the delivery room I made a few lighthearted comments which my wife laughed at, but the joyless hag of a nurse lost her shit and kicked me out of the room.
      I calmly tried to placate the demented old boiler by explaining she has no right to be offended on other peoples behalf, but that just made her worse.
      Eventually I left before my ears started bleeding, but I feel the nurse was in the wrong for giving me shit in response to a joke between my wife and I.
      My wife thinks the whole situation was hilarious but considering the amount of money I pay for private health care instead of playing russian roulette with the NHS, I am 50/50 about laughing it off or reporting the miserable old bag.

      This is roughly what happened;

      *approx 6 hours of grunting(her),farting(her mostly) and me telling my wife how awesome she is*
      Wife: “how does it look?”
      Me: “I feel like i’m watching my favourite restaurant burning down”
      *Wife chuckles and punches me on the arm*
      *miserable nurse tuts loudly and rolls her eyes before stomping out of the room, returning a few minutes later*
      *time passes and our son is born (there was much rejoicing)*
      *Unfortunately my wife suffers 1st degree vaginal tearing and doctor informs us he is going to “put in 2 or 3 stitches”*
      Me: “would you mind putting in a few extra?”
      *wife laughs and calls me a dickhead*
      *younger nurse looks appalled*
      *male doctor giggles before quickly masking it and staring at the floor*
      *Fat old nurse goes batshit, starts ranting and demands I leave the room, I try to reason with her and she just started shrieking*
      *I left and got a sandwich*

      Me and my wife have a very similar sense of humour and she was not in the least bit offended by what I said, did that nurse have the right to offended on behalf of my wife?


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      Ken Adams88

      I definitely made a conscious effort to be the ‘comic relief’ in the delivery room as I felt that’s what my partner needed but I think he’s overstepped the mark here.

      I cracked a few jokes but I was always aware that you’re still in a serious environment as well as a number of people (in the room) work place.

      The midwives, nurses and doctors are there to do a job so think it’s fair enough for them to ask him to leave if they don’t like the content or tone of jokes or anything else that’s done/said.

      Read the room!?

      My grandad used to say you’re allowed to meet two a**eholes a week. If you meet more than two, you’re the a**ehole…

      I imagine this guy meets more than two.

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