Don't be affraid of the bottle!

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      My partner tried & tried to breast feed. There is so much pressure on a new mother it’s untrue. We all know that it’s true that breast is best but that slogan in itself puts so much pressure on a new mother.
      my partner is one of many women that just didn’t produce enough milk & felt like a failure because of it.
      morale of the story don’t be affraid to bottle feed breastfeeding doesn’t work for all & you have to do what is right for your little family!

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      My partner initially tried to breast feed with both and both had to then get top-ups and eventually went completely bottle. She has always said she wished she could breast feed but didn’t feel she had the time or support to just get it right. Combined with a hungry baby she just ran out of juice.
      It took a long while to realise she wasn’t a failure and both boys are amazing and doing as well as can be expected

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        Exactly! My little boy is healthy & happy.
        The pressure really didn’t help with my other halves post natal depression. I really don’t disagree with the breast is best thing but the way they go about promoting it is all wrong imo, they need to highlight that it’s OK to not be able to.

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