Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system child tray removal. *HELP NEEDED*

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      Zach Swain

      We are expecting our first child this July and recently got a Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel system stroller/car seat. The bumper bar on the stroller has a child cup holder/tray attached and for the life of me I can not get this thing off. The manual is of no help. (It literally just says to pull it out) if anyone has this stroller or knows anyone who does and figured out how to remove the child tray without breaking the thing I will forever be in your debt. I have searched the depths of the internet and all I can find is similar questions with no answers. I have a 800 number I am going to call with the company that will most likely yield little to no help. Thank you in advance. -Zach

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      Byron Fedele

      I second this request, the thing in question is on page 9 of the manual

      If someone has figured it out and can upload a video or link to one showing how to remove it that would be super helpful.

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      Byron Fedele


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      Thomas Scranton

      Any update?

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      Joe Braga

      I figured it out.

      With the bar removed and the evenflo label facing forward:

      Flip the bar upside-down with the lable still facing forward

      Hold the bar and use your thumbs and push the tray downward and it should pop out with enough moderate pressure.

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