Ex partner is gaslighting me

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      Hi guys.

      So me and my ex split up last summer and we have both moved on. The relationship started going downhill when my gran passed away 2 years ago and we had just had our first child together. I found out that she was cheating on me with a 15 year old and then she fell pregnant claiming it was mine. She then gaslighted me and made me out to be some nutter and turned my family against me. We got back together and I walked in on her cheating again a few months later with a different guy. I brought her daughter up for 7 years and now she has stoped me from having access and even speaking to her. She recently applied to the courts for an order for her to keep my son at her address and said I refused to return him. We had the hearing and the judge wasn’t happy and said it was a waste of his time as my son was already in her care. Her new partner has recently started getting involved being verbally violent to me when I drop my son off. She then tried to get me done for harassment which got dripped because there was no evidence. He is very involved in the kids life which is fine but on a few occasions my son who is 3 days he tells me off when mums not there which worries me a little because he seems pretty violent towards me when my son is in my arms so what could he be like when no one is around? I admit my son is hard work but he’s only 3! I’m not sure what to do as she is trying to cause so much distress to me and is trying to stop me from having contact with my son all together. Even though there is a temper court order in place at the moment. I get really frustrated when he answered the door as I don’t really know him that well and she’s only moved him in the last two months because I kept reporting her for covid breaching as she was having him over all the time and then having other households in. My son suffers with server asthma. I’m at lose ends and have a cafcas phone call next week and I’m not sure what to say to them as I want to make sure I get 50/50 custody of him. I’ve come to the tearms about my daughter who I brought up for the last 7 years. But I’m not sure what they have both been saying to her because she wouldn’t even talk to me in the supermarket the other day but prior to that on FaceTime to my son she engaged in conversation with me. Then yesterday I received a letter of her solicitor saying that I must not have any contact with her whatsoever as she is scared of me.

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