Ex with one kid togheter

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      She left for 2 years ago saying i was cheating. Our kid was only 2 months old. After 2-3 weeks she came over to spend time. It went on like that and the started too spend the night at my place. After 8 months she moved from her parents place to her own flat. We comtinued to spend time with our kid. Dinners,breakfasts,wine evenings,she bought me gifts and so on….i got my hopes on.

      When she moved i got one key to her flat and i started to come and go as i pleased…she liked that. She also stayed at my place a lot.

      When the kid turned 1,5 years old i decided to surprise her as i usually did during my childweek. I got the key and droved to her place. Went in and caught her in bed with another man. At exactly that point our relationship broke.

      WHY did she act like she did to me??NOW after 2 years our relationship is ok because we have our child,BUT i hate that bitch!

      The guy she slept with was only a fwb she said but our kid har met him the Said(!!??)

      Three weeks later she started date another dude,she told me that dude also had met our kid….
      Now i suspect that that dude is babysitting our child when she works weekend nights(my ex and i agreed that i should have the kid when she works weekend nights but i have not had the kid one weekend this year if/when she works at her childweek)…that means that he is taking care of my child all night AND when my ex is sleeping after working nightshift.

      I feel so stressed about she lets a stranger so close to our child…

      What to do?
      (Sorry for my grannar,English is not my first language…)

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