Fathers with experience in high-risk pregnancy

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      Elnaz Mihanmehr

      Are you a dad with experience in High-Risk Pregnancy?

      Are you a father of a child born to a High-Risk Pregnancy?

      As part of my doctoral thesis, I am currently recruiting fathers with experience in High-Risk Pregnancy who live in the UK. This study aims to understand how fathers experience high-risk pregnancies. I hope that this study will help us better understand fathers’ needs during and after a high-risk pregnancy.

      Understanding fathers’ experiences are as important as understanding mothers’ experiences. However, Fathers’ voices are unheard because there has been little research exploring fathers’ experiences and needs during a high-risk pregnancy.

      Many fathers around the world go through this journey alone and in silence. I want this study to offer you a space to share your story and voice, so health professionals, mental health practitioners, and the wider community can better understand how you live this experience as a father.

      If you have experienced a high-risk pregnancy and are interested in sharing your unique journey with me, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: u2050281@uel.ac.uk.
      If you are interested in taking part, you’ll be invited for an informal interview where you will be asked some questions about your experience. You are the expert on this journey.

      • You are aged 18 and above, living in the UK
      • Your female partner has experienced a high-risk pregnancy
      • You are a father of a child born to a high-risk pregnancy
      • You can understand and speak English

      If you also know any other fathers who might meet the requirements, please share this post and recruitment poster with them.

      I would love to hear about your unique stories.
      Kind regards,


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