Fears and bedtime

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      We are having more and more problems getting our eldest 4 nearly 5 year old to go to bed. Every day he gets into his bed and doesnt want us to leave as he says he is scared of the dark. He has a personal led nightlight to try and combat the fear however we still get a fight every night.
      To make things harder his little bro will only go to sleep in the pitch black otherwise he will just get back up and leave the room. So we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If anyone has any inovative solutions we would love to hear.

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      All children go through phases like this.

      Do you have a bedtime routine? Worth setting one up if not.

      Something like: tea at X o’clock, a little chilled play time, bath, pyjamas on and story in bed. Hot milk.

      You need to stay with him for a while whilst he drops off.

      Give it a couple of weeks and it will be like it didn’t happen.

      Not qualified, just a full time Dad speaking from experience.

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      I agree with Dominic. Making him feel safe is best way to combat this. Let him know your there and then ease out once he’s dropped fully.

      Regular routine always helps too. Try keep the lighting low after dinner, bath routine teeth then bed with stories.

      We’re having issue with waking in mid of night and not wanting to go back without one of us there. Which just sprung out the blue (3 yr old) so think it comes and go with phases.

      Prob a lot to do with developing imagination perhaps

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      The Dadsnet

      Yes I would agree that routine is a good starting point. There are also good books out there that tell the story of children being scared of the dark that it may be worth trying as these have a positive message, if this is still an issue.

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