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    Dan Marchant

    Evening all,

    I am trying to gather some feedback and your thoughts on the fourm.

    Whether it be positive or negative please post below.


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    Dominic Hayhoe

    Why’s that Dan? What you thinking?

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    Dan Marchant

    Just trying to get some general feedback, see how we can attract more dads to the fourm

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    Here are a few thoughts

    I think blokes normally talk on forums about football and cars, I don’t think a blokes children site would ever catch fire like mumsnet but I do think its really important that this exists. I do like reading the day to day stuff.

    I read up on forums to try and deal with the negative aspects of being a dad that I had/have to deal with…Courts, CMS etc. For anyone affected, these are life changing and its where a bit of support or examples/experiences online can make a huge difference. The problem is that these aren’t easy or pleasant reading for people enjoying a honeymoon existence. The other problem is that it can be a difficult area for the website/forum to stray toward and it potentially creates an entirely new rubbernecker audience.

    Personally I would add this section to the forum, there are people out there looking for it.

    Also, stick a car and football section in….not being funny but if you can’t beat them, join them….maybe a joke section too and follow timing/trends with a fathers day section, summer hols section etc I know I’d like to talk about how much we spend on pressies, how often the kids should play computer games

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      Dan Marchant

      Thank you for the feedback. I have passed this to the other mods so watch this space.

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    I’m only new here but I had been looking for a site like this for years.
    I have often said to people “there’s no dads net” when asked where dads can go for advice. Now I can gladly say there is one.

    I only found this site because of a post on the CBeebies Facebook page and I think more cross promotion like that will go a long way. Maybe if you can do a sponsored post on the likes of Lego or other popular toys especially ones dads like to be involved with and get it featured on their page it could help a lot.

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      Dan Marchant

      Hi Robert, have you also joined the closed dadsnet group on Facebook and your local community group?

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      Hi, I also replied on another post but sadly there isn’t one in my area at all. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and have joined the Ireland one which seems based around Dublin but it’s still my closest one. It’s not very active but I was accepted within 10 mins so at least the mods are active.

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      Dan Marchant

      Tou can create a local group as I’m sure there must be members within northern Ireland on the dads net. I’ll stick a post up in the closed group and then we can get you a group created!

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    Steven Osman

    I think we need more active posters. Topics can be set up but don’t get a reply for days. I guess the challenge there is attracting more. I think the podcast helps, maybe promoting on sites like mumsnet and other parenting forums could help?

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      Dan Marchant

      We are trying to raise more awareness of the fourm and direct more dads to it. There is a few of us who are checking every day and replying where we can to try and make it more active.

      Please see free to share the link in your local groups etc.

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