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      Hi Gents,

      First baby on the was so I’m finally getting round to driving. Need a car that is cheap on insurance (I’m 27 so still get rinsed by insurers), but can take a buggy and a bit more. I havent got a huge amount of cash I can spend on it, so please share any recommendations!!

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      Chris Bensted

      Hi George,
      UK Driving Instructor so get asked this a lot. Your best bet is telematic insurance (black boxes) but read the small print. All companies are different and have different penalties etc. See what suits you. Don’t ignore any cars, as you can be surprised what is cheap to insure. Rarer cars, or unpopular cars can be really cheap as they appear to be lower risk. Smaller engine sizes, and adding someone experienced as a named driver can also help.

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      Dan Marchant

      Hi George,

      Try and get something small engined but with enough room for all of you and the gear you’ll need. Something maybe like a Fiesta etc.

      Also as above, go with an insurer which will work with a black box as this will really help your first few years insurance.

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      Hi George,
      I don’t know if you are still looking for or in fact got yourself a car but we went for the Peugeot 3008. It looks more expensive than it actually is, my partner and I got a really good deal and paying a very reasonable price monthly as well as insurance with us being 29 and 30.

      The boot is plenty big enough for the pram and shopping etc with space to spare. It is at a great height for taking the car seat in and out and it is a very smooth ride, little one falls straight to sleep.

      It is also full of so many safety features that we are still discovering them, months down the line. I would recommend this car to any new or expecting dad.

      Hope this helps.

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