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      This is something I know that can scare many parents and is something people think they are getting very wrong. In an age of Instagram super parents with uber meals and ethical vegan diets. To having to support children with allergies and food intolerances it can feel like a struggle to get out 3 meals a day or any healthy snacks so share with your fellow dads and let us know your hints and tips or any questions you have as someone will have been there before.

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      I thought I would open up with my experience I have previously worked in a kitchen cooking at one point for kids in a holiday park and later in life in a restaurant kitchen. I have 2 children 1 currently 4 nearly 5 with asd (significance later) and a 1 year old.
      Both boys were baby lead weaned from 6 months (no puree) both are generally good eaters.
      Our biggest challenge are with our oldest his asd means that he can go through stages of only liking things of certain colours or shapes. He doesn’t like his sauces touching his dry goods and likes to see everything he is going to eat at once.
      We have learned to change meals to suit him for example we make a decostructed chilli with his dry and rice separate from his sauce (take his out earlier in the cooking process.
      We have also invested in a couple of school dinner style platters that have spaces for main veg sweet fruit and water which really helps with child portion control.

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      steve bannatyne

      Hi Duncan,

      I’ve 2 boys 9 and 12, I was a fussy eater, but that was mainly because my Mum was a rotten cook, seriously you don’t realise as a kid! So fast forward to dadhood. Both boys ate well to start with as babies, taste buds kicked in at terrible twos and everything got complicated.
      My Eldest has ADHD and was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, my youngest myself and my partner are now unable to eat wheat or dairy. I now suffer from IBS which means everything around food is a nightmare. I’ve now worked out what I can eat and what I can’t.
      So we have conquered it, we’ve gone low carb, I lost 12kg and feel great, it’s not ideal for kids but my eldest has been able to manage his diabetes quite well. No more refined carbs and we’ve cut out heavily processed food.
      The big issue is cost, so we’ve cut back on some things. We have a regular shop with all the basics and th3 absolute key was meal planning. A pain in the ass, but we sit down once a week and we book our meals in. Life and food has been super easy since.
      If we plan for all the food issues ahead then it takes the stress out. We can change up the order every 2 weeks to rotate crowd pleasers. If we miss a meal plan chaos breaks out! We’ve not had take out in months!
      Hope this helps, good luck,


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      When it comes to babies who are fussy eaters, it is a fight to fulfill their nutritional needs and give them a proper diet. For this reason, there are good formula powders that can take care of the nutrition. One of them is Enfamil for the same. They have products for different concerns and they provide complete nutrition without any compromise to the baby’s feeding and health.

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      John Hall

      I try to eat only healthy food, to be an example but sometimes so wants pizza with beer..

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