Gender-differences in self-esteem – does it effect young children too?

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      My name is Tasmina Tuckey and I am a third-year student at the University of Bristol studying Psychology in Education. As it is my final year, it is a requirement to write dissertation and conduct a study of interest. I am looking for parents with children between the ages of 3-6 to participate in my dissertation study. My primary focus is parental and child self-esteem of young children.

      This study is entirely anonymous and completely voluntary, no recognisable data is collected! It is takes between 3-10 minutes long with the whole survey comprising of 25 questions. The survey is comprised of two main sections. The first section contains questions about your child’s presented self-esteem. The second section contains questions about your-own self-esteem. After completing the survey there will be a debrief that will contain further information about my study. The only benefit of participating in this study is the contribution to data that would give an insight into self-esteem levels of young children.

      Of course, I would be happy to share the study’s results with you!

      If this study does not include your child’s age, please do pass on to friends or family with children in the criteria (3-6 years old)

      For further information please access the link below:​​sqsmcCdT

      Many thanks for all your help!!

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