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      About 5 years ago my wife read an article about how it’s good to continue to provide boys with diapers long after potty training. She started for the first week of having our 3 sons(4,7 and9 years old at the time) wear the diapers around the house and to bed. After that she told them to use them at their discretion. We noticed within a couple of months, a vast improvement in their behavior and grades. At a certain point she talked me into experimenting. I have to say I am sleeping considerably better and find myself being more productive at work. As the years have gone by we still supply our boys with diapers. All three are on honor roll and couldn’t be happier. Has anyone else tried this??

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      Yeah heard about it a few years back. At the time we just potty trained our oldest for the daytime. We kind of figured we’d have him continue bedtime diapers use for a while longer. Both our boys are potty trained now but we still have them (ages 6 and 8) still wear them to bed every night and usually if they ask on weekends or after school we let them go ahead. We made sure by time they were 7 that they knew how to diaper themselves and how to change if they’re wet. They’re a couple of exceptionally well behaved boys but we started this prior to them being in school and already get good grades. But, you do pose a good question. I have wondered if more parents are doing this.

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      Paul Davies

      What?! I don’t understand the connection between wearing diapers/nappies and good behaviour and good grades at school?!

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      Dan Marchant

      I’ve never heard of this! (I’m I’m the uk) once weve potty trained them that’s it never put them back in nappies (diapers) again.

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