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      Abigail Burgess

      Hi! I’m a PhD student studying developmental psychology and I’m really interested in understanding if mindfulness helps parents of young kids reduce their stress.

      So, I’m looking for dads of 2-5 year olds to take part in a pilot trial to test this. I’ll ask you to use the Headspace app for one month and answer questions about your stress levels and your relationship with your child.

      You’ll get free access to the app for the duration of the study, and a £15 voucher on completion.

      Go to my website for more details and to register your interest: https://aburg003.wixsite.com/headspaceforparents. I only have two more spaces left for this study, so if you’d rather you can send me an email directly at: aburg003@gold.ac.uk

      Thanks, Abi.

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