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    My second child is now 8 weeks old. She’s had sticky eyes since she was born and periodically been having green poos. We recently worked out she’s allergic to soya. I’d literally just bought my wife two big bars of milk a which have soya lol.

    Anyone we removed the main culprits from my wife’s diets the. Today we had another green poo, eventually we worked out it’s in pretty much all bread. Does anyone know of any breads that don’t contain soya preferably available in Asda or Morrison’s

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    Ken Adams88

    Check out the Genius brand. I think its stocked in most supermarkets (definitely Tescos and Sainsburys anyway).

    My partner is gluten and dairy free so we get that and to be honest is the best ‘free from’ bread taste wise as well. Very good toasted with peanut butter for diary free snack!

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    I found out Jacksons farmhouse loads don’t contain soya and not quite as expensive. Thanks though

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