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      Ross higman


      my name is ross dad to 2 little girls
      ones 3 and the others 5
      my 5 year old is type one

      just wanted some advice if possible or if anyone has been in the same situation
      me and my ex have two children we are not marred
      about a year age she said she was not happy with are relationship and said she wanted to move in to the other bedroom and that are two little ones can share the other room and said we need to work on are relationship.
      she doesn’t work and hasn’t since we got are house and had the children
      I work full time and pay for every thing in the house and still do
      my ex gets DLA for are older one and all the child benefits and cares allowance

      any how she’s now with someone else and i am still paying for the house and all the bills i come home from work and she goes out so i have to look after the kids every weekend she goes out i look after the kids she even left me with the two kids for 2 weeks when she went off to the USA she pays nothing for the kids
      every time i say i am not paying for the house and all the bills she doesn’t come home so i can not go to work we are both on the house mortgage.

      any advice would be gratey helpful
      thanks ross

      ive never taken any of the child benefit

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      Hi Ross

      I’m really sorry to hear of the situation you’ve found yourself in. I’d like to find out a bit more if you would be willing?

      Do you think there’s a chance of you both getting back together? Is that something you would want?

      What other benefits do you receive?

      Does the other person now involved with your ex work and earn a living? What responsibility do they take for your children?

      Do you have flexibility around care arrangements for the children?

      Have you spoken to your employer about this at all?

      Is there a formal agreement for care arrangements?



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