Home-schooling during the coronavirus pandemic – survey

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      Hi everyone? I hope you are all managing during this difficult time.
      I’m a final year Psychology undergraduate at Loughborough University. I am currently collecting data for my dissertation and would be so grateful if any of the parents or caregivers among you would complete my survey. My research project is focused on the stress experienced by parents as a result of home-schooling during the first UK lockdown, and the factors affecting this including personality, social support and ways of coping.
      If you have a child/children aged 4-11 years, lived in the UK during March 2020 and home-schooled during the first lockdown, I would be so thankful if you could fill out my survey☺️ It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.
      Unfortunately, as the survey is anonymous, I won’t be able to thank you all personally, so I would like to take the time to thank you now! I really appreciate it.
      Note: some of the questions are in a table format, if you would prefer to see the questions individually (without needing to scroll up and down the page to see the answer options) select the “view as separate questions instead?” option at the top of some of the pages.
      Thanks so much.

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      It’s so interesting survey, and I’d like to see the results. This theme is very popular today.

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      John Turner

      COOL! Thank you!

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