How much Dad Time?

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      How much time do you all have to do your own thing with your own mates? How much time do you spend doing things with just your partner? and how much time do you spend with family activities?

      For us it is crucial to maintain a balance of all of these for a healthy relationship and great for the family. I have time with my friends, my wife has time with her friends (which gives us individual time with the children) we have time together away from the children and of course we have dedicated time as a family.

      How do you split your spare time?

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      Very little to be honest. I work shifts. She is with the kids all day and doesn’t drive or really like socialising. So when I finish I am heading straight home to try and sort the day out clean up and possibly put kids to bed (depending on the shift) recently she has been so exhausted as I come in she has been falling asleep sometimes for 14 or more hours due to some medication she is on. I try and get out when I can but it is a real balancing act as most of my mates are still childless and the ones that do are in a similar boat to me or have clubs and such like to deal with.

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      As much as you can get to feed your soul so that you can be a good partner and dad.

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      Adam Gray

      Less than i would like to, i regularly run home from work when I’ve finished a late shift so i get a bit of me time, and have been making more time to cycle recently, but thats mostly training for a long bike ride I’ve got coming up later this year. As for spending time with friends i don’t, I’d rather spend time with my family as all my old friends could never commit to making plans so i don’t bother now.

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      Steven Osman

      My wife and I tended to have one night out each a week (mine was usually the pub, whereas she went to cinema). We also tried to do a date night once a month as naturally it’s important to ensure you give your relationship attention.

      This has got a bit more difficult/irregular now we have a second who is under two months so trying to get a new routine established.

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      Dan Marchant

      I have about 2 to 3 evenings out a month with mates…this is after work for a few hours. I dont drink but always good to have a catch up and some time away. As a couple we are lucky if we get one to two nights out a year depending on what we have planned.

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      We’ve just had second child who is 8 weeks old now so very little at the moment. But even before that I got very little time to socialise and my own time was either in the bath or doing DIY.

      I like to cycle, play on my Xbox and I’m also an AFOL but get very little time for any of these and when I make time to do chores like DIY get accused of trying to avoid my children.

      I rarely go out with my mates and have to resort to my own time in the evenings after everyone is in bed, it’s too late to cycle or play on my Xbox by then so I end up watching Netflix. But then I’m late to bed and when I’m up at 5:30 for work and am unlikely to sleep through with a 8 week old. I end up trading my alone time for more sleep

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      Paul Davies

      I’d like to have more but I find I just feel guilty on my wife if I go and do something I want to do.

      Is this normal?

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        I think it’s normal to feel a little guilty especially if your wife is st home all day with kids. But it’s important to have some me time for your own sake, but you wife needs some too as well. Can be hard to sort that out especially with young children

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