I had to call 999 on my children's mum

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      So this evening I had to call 999 on my now ex partner. she’s hit me, bit me and kicked a few things at me. I called the police on her and she tried to tell them I came at her. I was changing my child’s bum on my knees so how’s that possible from the off I was honest with the police and told them I did grab her by the wrists and crossed her arms over her chest to restrain her she was threatening to spit in my face the lot all in front of my twins and daughter. She’s vile whilst on the phone to the police she was telling my daughter daddy hit her and all that crap the first officer seen through her shit and eventually after being there for a while so did the second officer they didn’t attest her then at first because of her bullshit lies and it being counted against everything and I said I’m happy for them to take us both Into custody now to get to the truth. Her face dropped when I said this she even said to the kids I’m dangerous and the female officer laughed at hearing this and even said that’s not true she tried the usual bullshit dragging the kids away from me saying all kinds of vile crap to them about me. The police officers knew the truth in the end and tonight have even said they will be taking this on for charges. Im the one with the crime number and support from the officers who have rang me tonight to see how I was. I’m going ahead and pressing charges I want full custody of my children she isn’t safe and everyone who k ones what’s happened tonight have all said she does nothing with the kids so they should be with me.
      Never thought I’d be in this situation I wanted out for a long time but not this way.

      I’m struggling already I can’t be away from my kids they are my life and them being with her who can’t go an hour without stressing how hard it is with the lot of them won’t last a minute

      If you got this far thank you it means a lot

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      Is there a way of sending a private message on this system?

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