i need help, I’m extremely worried for the wellbeing of my daughter

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      michael Piques

      I am seeking help and guidance from other fathers who may have dealt with a similar situation to the one I am currently facing with my daughter. I have recently discovered that she is creating and selling explicit content online through a website called http://www.lavidaalocaaa.com.

      As a parent, I am deeply concerned for my daughter’s well-being and safety, and I am struggling to know how best to approach this situation with her. I feel overwhelmed and worried about her future, and I am hoping to find some words of wisdom and comfort from other fathers who may have been through similar experiences.

      Any advice, suggestions, or support that can help me to guide and support my daughter away from this dangerous path would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for taking the time to read my message and offer any help you can.

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