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      I want to say HI ALL!

      Just found this forum and I have really been looking for something like this.

      Who am I? I’m Tom. And I am currently on 8 months paternity leave in Sweden.
      When you read this you must be thinking “Oh, he’s swedish! He must have a youtube channel where he share what it’s like to be on paid parental leave! It must be all in english so that anyone can understand.”

      You are of course right. I have a youtube channel about what it’s like for me to be on parental leave over here:

      Sure, that was self promotion. If you don’t like it, don’t press the link.

      Anyways, I’m here to stay. To read and discuss – not to self promote (but felt it could be a failry tranparent introduction).

      I’ve livd in the UK and in the US and I truly find it fascinating to hear stories from other dad of different backgrounds.

      Again: Hi!

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