I'm struggling with feeling quiet useless if I'm honest

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      Hi dads my wee fella was born three weeks today my mrs has breast fed since then bar one night when she let her hair down so I had milk that she left me. I have a wee girl with my partner and a step son who’s just mine as well and that’s that. My question is my wee fella crys when he’s with me and that’s fine baby’s cry the fact is it gets so bad sometimes I feel it in my stomach and can’t help crying in no wee lad or soft in any means not that there’s anything wrong with that but I literally cannot control it. I feel useless at that time bear in mind I’m a mental health support worker. I was tg3 same with my wee girl 7 years ago but this is a different level I feel useless even knowing it not my fault feel like I’m going nuts.

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      Ken Adams88

      Hey mate, hope you’re good? My little one has just turned 6 months and I was completely the same in the first few weeks as you described. I felt as soon as I was passed her or picked her up she went from happy to crying in the space of a few seconds. Now though, she’s completely fine. She loves a cuddle from dad!

      I put it down to the very strong bond between mum and baby but also I was over thinking it. I think our little one could pick up on me feeling nervous or tense when holding her. I know it might sound silly but as soon as I learnt to properly relax and take a deep breath when she was having a major cry she settled a lot quicker.

      Definitely for me it took me a while to fully understand ‘sometimes babies just cry’, I was always convinced something was wrong but sometimes there just isn’t.

      For me it was all about trying to remain positive, focusing on being calm and reassuring for the baby when she was crying and remembering it will always pass.

      Hope some of that might help?

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      Amit Dubey

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