Internet Parental Controls, suggestions? feedback?

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      There are a lot of parenting controls already available in the market. With the law of supply and demand, this can mean that there is really a need. I am confident my kids listen to what I say, what to view on the internet and what not, but I understand too that they are still vulnerable to a lot of things. I was thinking, just for precaution, why not try these parental controls. This is the article I read, There are a lot of options.

      Has anyone here used parental controls? Any suggestions? I am hoping to get something that’s easy to use and at the same time suitable for my kids’ ages. At the same time, whatever parental control I am going to purchase, I would be really happy if it would have a tracking device.

      Thank you so much in advance for your thoughts!

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      Matt Cunningham

      My son has an Xbox and there is a lot of parent controls on there. I set daily limits and also control the online gaming. If you sign up to a Microsoft account and then setup a family account you are in complete control.

      Can’t comment about other consuls but I am sure they have the same.


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